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N&D Group is an Israeli cosmetics manufacturer founded in 2007 by two young entrepreneurs, a husband and wife, Nissim and Dana Cohen.

Our products considered as a triple A product by all professional nail technicians. we leverage our experience and knowledge to our manufacture process, in results for a top quality products.


N&D Group is the largest Israeli manufacturer with a wide range of pro grade products for professional nail technicians at operates under the "Picasso" brand. (PRESS KIT AVAILABLE)


Picasso Polish Gel

very durable and easy to use polish gel, with

a wide color spectrum and deep & luxurious finish.

when applied correctly, our gel polish can last up to two weeks without chipping. Another big difference is the drying time and the length of wear.

Manufactured with the highest standards

ISO 22716: 2007.

 - Picasso -

Shade and Smooth Colors

351 High Level Wave
Nail Polish Colors
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Picasso Poly Gem Gel

a compound of gel and acrylic powder, providing the benefits of a polish gel smoothness and acrylic flexibility. the perfect material For nail construction.

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Picasso Spider Gel

specially made for decorating and creating geometric stripes and objects.


Picasso Printing Gel

perfect for small touches of color And precise decorative perfection.


Picasso Brushs

our professional brushes are trusted and used by nail artist and consumers.


Picasso Spreading Gel

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nail polish gel for blooming effect and glamorous clear finish.


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